Uniting churches across the High Wycombe area in prayer.

Together, our aim is to prayer-walk every street during the 5 weeks prior to Love Wycombe, saturating our town with the love of Jesus, and inviting his kingdom to come in this place, however it can be done at any time by anyone, anywhere!

About the Love Wycombe Prayer Walk

We believe that in all things, God is good – that he loves the people of High Wycombe, and that he’s longing to pour out his blessing.  As we look to see our town transformed for the glory of God, prayer has a crucial part to play.

We passionately believe that prayer really works. It changes things. As ordinary followers of Jesus pray, situations shift, and the peace, power and goodness of his kingdom break in.

So as part of Love Wycombe 2024 we’re inviting as many people as possible from churches across our town to get out onto the streets, to pray, and to see what the Father will do.

Between us, our aim is to cover every street and every public building in prayer this summer. To help us with this we’ll be using a simple tool that tracks the streets we’ve covered.

So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” Luke 11:9-10

Tracking Prayer Coverage

The prayer walking tool is a vital part of co-ordinating our prayer coverage across the town, helping us to cover every street in prayer.

It is easy to use on your computer or tablet, but it works best on a smartphone if you have one.

Please click the link below to register and access the prayer walking tool. 


1. Please use the link above to access the prayer walking tool.

2. Enter your details and make a note of your username and password (you’ll need them to log in).

3. Once you have registered you will be sent a verification link to the email address you provide. This will say “Activate Your Prayer Walk Tool Account”. Please check your junk/clutter folders if it doesn’t appear quickly in your inbox.

4. Click the verification link, then log in using your username and password, and you should be in.

5. If you have any persistent issues getting started, please email and someone will be in touch to help.

How to Prayer Walk

We believe that prayer is conversation with your Heavenly Father – so essentially, how you prayer walk is entirely up to you. But if it helps, here’s a short guide and some resources to help you pray.

  1. First, choose a street to pray over. If you want to, you can earmark the street on the prayer walk tool to show your intention to pray there soon (for instructions, click on the ‘How to’ button within the tool). You can prayer walk on your own, with a friend or as a family.
  2. When you start your prayer walk, you may like to stand at the start of the street you plan to pray for, and pray the prayer of blessing (below) – you can pray out loud or in silence as you are comfortable.
  3. Walk down the street, praying that all the people there would be blessed and that God’s kingdom would come. If God highlights anything to you in prayer, pray into these things. For example, if God draws your attention to a particular home pray for the people who live there. He might highlight a specific building or organisation – you could pray God’s blessing, and that people there would come to know him. Or, if God draws your attention to a particular person, why not explain to them what you’re doing, and offer to pray for them.
  4. When you reach the end of the street, you might like to pray the prayer of blessing again.
  5. Go to the prayer walking tool and “map” the road you walked (for instructions, click on the ‘How to’ button) to show that it has been prayed for (or  ask someone else to  do that for you)

Prayer of blessing (based on Psalm 67)

Lord, be gracious to every person in this place. Shine Your face upon them, and bless them, so that Your ways may be known here and your salvation accepted here.   May the people here praise You, God, and every one of them lift up Your name in praise.

Let the sound of joyful worship be heard here And let justice prevail because You are a just God. Guide us all into Your ways, and let praise of You ring out here.   Prosper this place and these people Lord, bless them abundantly. Pour out Your blessing here Lord so that you will be honoured and Your Kingdom will come here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get involved if my church isn’t involved?

Of course! We’d still love to hear which church you are part of, which is information you can enter as you access the prayer walking tool. If you are not currently part of a church and you’d like to find a church, contact us, letting us know what type of church you are looking for and we’ll try to help.


Should I do this by myself or with others?

You are welcome to join together with friends, family or members of your church community to prayer walk the streets together, and we would encourage this wherever possible. You can of course also prayer-walk on your own, but please consider where you are walking, the time of day and your own safety as a priority.


I’m not good with technology, and I don’t think I’ll be able to use the prayer walking tool. What should I do?

We totally understand! Many people will feel like this, or simply don’t have a smartphone or suitable device. However, we would love to capture your praying, so please try to find someone who does have a smartphone (or who is tech-savvy) and ask them to help you. It will be very simple for them. They will need to access the prayer walking tool while you are in contact with them, so they can enter your details and agree which streets you are planning to prayer-walk.


What if someone has earmarked my streets before me?

We understand some people will be excited about prayer-walking the streets near where they live or work. You may go onto the prayer walking tool to find someone has already ‘earmarked’ them, or already ‘prayed’ them. You have two choices:

· Either prayer-walk them anyway (although you won’t be able to register secondary coverage through the prayer walking tool).

· Look for some different streets to prayer-walk. We may well find that in order to prayer-walk the whole town many of us have to venture into areas we don’t know so well. We are sure the Lord will use us as we do that!


What do I do if I sense God speaking to me about the area I am prayer-walking?

We would recommend that you make a note of what you are sensing. You may need to revisit that street or area and keep praying. If you sense God speaking to you about a particular street, building or area, you can let your church leader know.


There are other ongoing opportunities for Christians and churches to come together in prayer for Wycombe and surrounding areas…