We want to celebrate all we do together as churches in High Wycombe.  

If we missed anything, please contact us


High Wycombe Debt Centre - Chrisitians Against Poverty

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) provides free, excellent and practical help for families and individuals who find themselves in debt and are struggling to find a way through it. CAP offers a unique and holistic approach that enables people to lift themselves out of poverty as well as providing some of the best professional advice and support you’ll find from any debt advice service.

  • Home Visits to work out your personal debt plan
  • Setting up realistic budgets
  • Contacting priority and secondary creditors
  • Offering an in depth insolvency option if needed
  • Drawing up a plan of action to get clients debt free

For more information about CAP, visit https://www.capuk.org/

The High Wycombe Debt (CAP) Centre centre is hosted by Kings (CAP only allow one centre per Town), who are working with partner churches to build a network to cover High Wycombe.  Many other churches are already engaged with CAP, including running CAP courses.   For more information about the High Wycombe CAP centre and to get involved, visit http://kchw.co.uk/serving-our-town/

Churches Together in East Wycombe



Churches Together is a visible sign of the Churches' commitment as they seek a deepening of their communion with Christ and with one another, and proclaim the Gospel together by common witness and service. Its strength comes from people from different traditions finding new ways to work and worship together.  

“Ordinary people called to do extraordinary things for God.”

Although we come from different Christian traditions (Anglican, Baptist and Roman Catholic), we worship the same God and seek to serve the same Lord, Jesus Christ, in the power of his Spirit.  Much of the time we do our own thing, but we also work together to serve the people who live and work on the eastern flank of High Wycombe.

As we face the world around us we see that there are so many needs and problems.  Once in a while we need to pause.  We need to get together, to share our concerns, to celebrate, to pray, to seek strength in order to go on.  Would you join us?  You know you are most welcome.

We hope that you will glimpse something of the presence of God through your contact with us.  We look forward to welcoming you, and we ask God’s blessing on you and yours as you share the life of our town.

The constituent churches of Churches Together in East Wycombe are: St Francis Church, Terriers http://www.terrierschurch.org.uk, St Wulstan's http://www.bjhnparish.org/stwulstans.html, Totteridge Baptist Church http://www.totteridgebaptist.com, St Anne’s, Wycombe Marsh and St Peter’s, Micklefield and Wycombe Marsh Baptist Church http://www.findachurch.co.uk/churches/su/su89/wmbc/

Healing on the Streets



Since March 2009 a team offering healing prayer has been on the streets of High Wycombe every Saturday from 1.30pm to 3.30pm.'We believe God is still healing people today and we want to be out on the streets to offer to pray for people if they would like us to'.




Lighthouse is a Christian holiday club, usually held during the first week of the school summer holiday, run by volunteers from local churches.  It now has three sites in the High Wycombe area. If you would like any further information regarding Lighthouse please go to the website www.lighthousecentral.org/ 

One Can Trust


One Can Trust was set up to facilitate a number of community projects. The One Can Foodbank was set up to help people who were deemed by health care professionals working with them to be in 'crisis' and in need of emergency food supplies, on a short term basis.  For further information about One Can Trust please go to the webiste http://www.onecantrust.org.uk 

Prayer for Wycombe

 The vision of Prayer for Wycombe is to one day  see the Wycombe area  covered in prayer 24-7/365 days a year, with churches praying one day a month.


Rainbow Worship



Rainbow is an evening Christian event focused on adults with special needs that has people from all over Wycombe.

For more information please contact Morag Campion or Jay Hay This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Jeremy Hay | Tel 01494 462618 | Mobile 07900 671028 | PO Box 828 High Wycombe Bucks
HP12 4WA

Street Angels

Wycombe Street Angels are a group of volunteers from local churches who aim to provide a safe and enjoyable place for people out in High Wycombe town centre on Friday nights. We can be found in the High Street and Frogmoor outside the pubs and clubs between midnight and 4am so come over and say hi if you see us.

We provide practical assistance as necessary, we never preach at people, however, we have had many exciting conversations with folk who want to talk about spiritual things once they find out we're Christians
We can be contacted via Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Wycombe-Street-Angels/108779272525875 or by email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chefs for Jesus

Chefs for Jesus has been running since 2011 when 'the Lord laid upon our hearts the urgency to share the love of Jesus Christ in Wycombe... We were to be faithful and be His hands and show His care and love to all who pass by'.

We were so blessed as we moved forward, with assistance in getting the right spot to set up a little stand every Saturday morning from 11.00 a.m. until 1.00 o'clock offering a cup of hot homemade soup and the opportunity to share the good news that Jesus Loves Us!!  

We have met wonderful people and made friends with many during the past 6 months, sharing, caring and loving...

For more information please click here

Town Centre Chaplaincy


The Chaplains provide a friendly confidential ear for staff and shoppers in the retail centre of High Wycombe.

They are recognisable by their bright blue uniform and badges and are trained volunteers.  

Wycombe Churches 2gether

Churches 2gether (WCT) is a visible sign of the Churches' commitment as they seek a deepening of their communion with Christ and with one another, and proclaim the Gospel together by common witness and service. Its strength comes from people from different traditions finding new ways to work and worship together.

If you would like to know more please click here and you will be taken to the Facebook page of Wycombe Churches Together.

 Wycombe Homeless Connection


Wycombe Homeless Connection is a Christian charity started by local churches in 2007 out of concern for the poor state of local rough sleepers they were in contact with. Its first project was Wycombe Winter Night Shelter, which still runs annually. Soon afterwards, year-round advice and support services were added.

Our vision is that High Wycombe is transformed into a place where there is suitable housing for all – because we believe that is what God wants in his world. We believe we are called to serve Him to bring this about.

  • We believe that every individual is created in God’s image: and therefore has worth, no matter what their situation.
  • We believe Christians are called to help build the kingdom of God on earth: creating a transformed society that reflects God’s ideals, in which everyone is suitably housed.
  • We believe in restoration: everyone should have the chance of a fresh start, with long-term integration into a caring and just society.

WHC has four objectives:

  • To mitigate the harms of homelessness to people’s health, safety and well-being.
  • To help individuals find suitable accommodation.
  • To help resettled individuals maintain their tenancies and re-integrate with the community at large.
  • To help individuals secure statutory help to which they are entitled.

    For more information see http://www.wyhoc.org.uk

Wycombe Youth For Christ


Wycombe Youth for Christ works in the community in a variety of ways. Amongst other things it is heavily involved with Lighthouse, works with local churches but a large proportion of the work takes place within schools. If you would like to know more about the activities of Wycombe Youth For Christ please go to the website http://www.wycombeyfc.org.uk

Churches Together in High Wycombe Town Centre

Churches Together in High Wycombe Town Centre is affiliated to and sponsored by Churches Together in Buckinghamshire which is itself affiliated to Churches Together in England.  To find out more about the aims, activities and member churches of Churches Together in High Wycombe Town Centre please click here

Wycombe Rent Deposit Guarentee Scheme (WRDGS)

(Registered Charity Number 1054725) Set up in 1995 by a group of Christians on behalf of the Church in Wycombe, and members of a Wycombe District Council Housing Forum.

The Wycombe Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme (WRDGS) has been helping to prevent homelessness in the Wycombe area for 18 years by guaranteeing the deposits required by private landlords when someone takes up a tenancy. All of the Scheme’s clients are on full housing benefit so can afford their rent but there is no way that they can afford an additional month’s rent upfront as a deposit.

The Guinness Partnership Limited (formerly the Guinness Trust) has set aside £30,000 to provide the guarantees, Wycombe District Council provides a grant to pay for the salary of 2 full-time members of staff plus some of the Scheme’s running costs, and the Scheme looks to the Church in Wycombe and private donations for the remaining running costs.

The Scheme works closely with other agencies including the Probation Service and Wycombe Homeless Connection and helps people to avoid the vicious circle of not being able to get a job because they haven’t got a permanent address and not being able to afford a home because they haven’t  got a job.  As well as helping people into accommodation for the first time the Scheme rescues many tenancies by liaising between the landlord and the Housing Benefits Department if there is a problem with rent payments.

For information on eligibility and on how to contact the Scheme, go to http://www.wycombe.gov.uk/do-it-online/faqs/housing/rent-deposit-guarantee-scheme.aspx